Bio/Press Kit



Decoy’s music draws upon the juxtaposition of anger and beauty and their place in humanity and life. The music leads the listener by the hand through a wide variety of stunning aural environments, drawn together with a rich conceptual discography.

The creator of Decoy Photon, Joshua Wylie, was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. He has always been intrigued by the vast possibilities of merging electronics and organic art. He honed his skills and discovered new possibilities for his musical artwork when he studied robotics, theatre, physics and concert/jazz band in high school. Josh currently studies sound design at Capilano University which gives him an angle on music that’s more story based in a classical film way.

Decoy Photon is the embodiment of Josh’s interests and Aesthetics. He prefers to separate himself from Decoy to help direct his focus on something exterior akin to Daft Punk or Deadmou5 though he won’t go to great lengths to hide his identity.

Joshua’s main musical influences include Nine Inch Nails, Portishead, Tool, and The Chrystal Method