“How can a download link be out of stock!?”
Well, its come to the point that this peice is so far behind, that I feel that it could damage the other products.
This is the beginning of a new era, and with that comes some “housekeeping”

If you really must receive a download link, I can personally give you one by request via email.

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Track listing:

01. Botheration  1:41
02. I know (Single)  4:22
03. Outlast (single)  5:59
04. Light Before The Tunnel  2:06
05. Warn You  3:05
06. When I Was Wrong  1:39
07. Void Nears  4:48
08. Control Within (This Chaos)  3:22
09. Distant Now  3:19


The first step into composition. Honestly treat it more as a neat piece to reflect on.

All performance and mixing were done by Joshua Wylie

Thank you: Reason, Nine Inch Nails, high school angst.



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